Healthcare Services

The US and global healthcare services are transforming in response to cost pressures and focus on improved outcomes. We work across the entire healthcare ecosystem offering the most innovative solutions to address these challenges. Our unique approach includes teams that are integrated with real-world executives enabling us to deliver the most succinct, customized, and actionable insights that can improve outcomes and drive profitability.

Upstream Partners can help your organization with:

  • Innovative models around value-based care
  • Enterprise, service line, and mergers and acquisitions strategy development
  • Core capabilities-driven strategy
  • Effective new models of care implementation
  • Accelerated innovation through partnerships
  • Supply chain effectiveness and resilience
  • Commercial strategy, sales and channel effectiveness
  • Pricing and portfolio management
  • Commercial-oriented technology and analytics capabilities
  • Strategic mergers and acquisitions
  • Post-merger integration
  • Data, analytics, and digital solutions
  • Operations
  • Working across borders

Medical Technology

Medical technology is one of the main catalysts to healthcare innovation. In many ways, it can streamline processes, automate tasks, and improve workflow. Each challenge that is experienced in the ecosystem can be paired with solutions that assist leaders in enhancing performance, increasing collaboration across systems, and managing costs. We work closely with partners to craft effective strategy and evaluate potential solutions around technology that significantly improve outcomes and reduce costs. Innovation will continue to transform the ecosystem, but how do leaders address the continual barrage of potential solutions in technology, such as new drugs and treatments, new devices, cloud-based services, interoperability, telehealth, AI, blockchain, and a never-ending pipeline of innovation?

Upstream Partners can craft holistic solutions:

  • Data and analytics strategy
  • Healthcare industry technology solutions, such as AI, blockchain, and cloud services
  • Mobile technology
  • Telehealth
  • New entrants into healthcare
  • “Hospital at Home” and Home Infusion
  • Cybersecurity

Medical Devices

As technology continues to exponentially grow and transform the healthcare industry, medical devices and their associated technologies are evolving. These developing technologies have led to significant advancements in modern medicine. They have also made it increasingly easier to fashion an overall strategy around development, organic, and inorganic growth.

Upstream Partners can help with:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Commercial strategy and sales model development
  • Transformational cost reduction
  • Manufacturing, Lean, Six-Sigma training
  • Innovation in operating models
  • Merger and acquisitions

Private Equity

Private investment, as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions, continue to set records, particularly in the healthcare and life science sectors. We have years of experience across the deals continuum and are poised to assist your team at “deals speed.” Pairing our team with industry experts throughout the entire project, we deliver in-depth data-driven insights, quantitative rigor, and responsive service to all our clients. In addition, we convene a web-based event profiling specific targets based on our work with the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care and the Association for Innovation in Integrated Healthcare annually.

Upstream Partners will assist in:

  • Search and screen
  • Target identification
  • Pre-diligence assessment
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Post-merger integration
  • Value creation planning and strategy
  • Commercial model development, redesign and strategy